Shahzad Sanitary Fittings

In the splendid spring of 1996, It all began with a commitment offshoot of a fair sighted vision, It was a commitment to provide a high end comprehensive, well coordinated bathroom to the people of this country. In the seasons that followed, it turned out to be a series of commitments that continued to be fulfilled one after another.

All through rain and shine, Almighty was on our side and so was the trust and confidence of our customers. For all that Shahzad Sanitary Fittings stands for today. We owe it to him and them.

Thankful to Allah Almighty and indebted to the patronage of our customers, We are proved to have pioneered, over the years, for newer trends and global standards in sanitary fittings.

On the turn of each season, we have been developing newer and improved quality products while upgrading the technological base of our manufacturing facility. Timely adapting to the changing needs of a rapidly changing market, we continue to take inspiration from the trust our customers place in us.  That is what keeps us at the position of the market leader even today.

Our commitment to innovation and quality continues Amidst ever changing time. Our resolve to make your living, really worth living remains unaltered as our endeavors to fulfill it in all the upcoming seasons.